Paul Walker’s Used Nissan GT-R To Fetch Over $1.46 Million

Paul Walker’s Used Nissan GT-R To Fetch Over $1.46 Million

Paul Walker's Used Nissan GT-R To Fetch Over $1.46 MillionPaul Walker's used Nissan R34 GT-R is an iconic vehicle from the F&F movie series. Now, however, it can be yours for just $1.46 Million.

The world stood still for a moment when we lost the great Paul Walker on November 30th (check out this article by one of our own here at DCC about this great man), just a couple of weeks ago. He wasn’t just a phenomenal actor, but also as it turns out, a man of great character known for a his capability to show deep compassion to many in need around him. From his personal charity to the many stories that later surfaced of his good deeds, Paul Walker was definitely a great loss.



Still of the late Paul Walker beside the classic GT-R in one of the F&F movies.


So it isn’t a surprise that the only remaining Nissan R34 GT-R, which is arguably one of the most iconic cars featured in the Fast and Furious series, is on sale currently for over $1.46 Million US. Unfortunately for our neighbours to the south however, this car is still illegal in the US. On the other hand, in Canada, this car is very much legal (yay!). The vehicle was apparently shipped out to Germany, where it was sold from it’s US owner back in July 2009 after the US federal government banned all Skyline GT-Rs in the country. Now, it’s on sale for a cool 1.46 million (which I believe is technically a boatload of money) after the seller decided to increase the price from his original listing of $437,250 (a bargain compared to it’s current price).


Check out the (German) review of the very vehicle here:



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