Ontario Distracted Driving law fines Increased

Ontario Distracted Driving law fines Increased

Are you willing to part with your phone when driving, or would you take the chance and risk paying $280 for using your handheld device.

The next time your phone rings or you get a text message, and you’re going for a nice ride in your car – be cautious of your next move or it could cost you. Ontario distracted driving laws have changed effective as of March 18. Drivers caught using handheld devices while behind the wheel will face a fine of $280, which was raised from $155. Government officials are trying to make it even tougher by trying to raise the fine to at least $300 and as much as $1,000 including demerit points.


There have been numerous ads and campaigns for motorists to stop using cellphones and handheld devices while operating the vehicle. Police have even gone as far as dressing up undercover as homeless people and pedestrians to bust drivers breaking the distracted driving law. Will the fine increase be enough to help eliminate distracted driving though, or will drivers still keep their bad habits – only time will be able to tell.


Source: CBC

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