Official Pictures of the BMW M235i Released

Official Pictures of the BMW M235i Released1 day before the official release of the BMW 2-Series, pictures of what is going to be the M235i have emerged; and they look great!

If you’ve been following the Double Clutch Wiretap for the last few days, you’ll notice that I’ve been reporting on the upcoming BMW 2-Series; which is to replace the outgoing 1-Series platform. The 2-Series which is to debut in less than 24 hours has had hype building around it for the last couple of weeks. Now however, Autoblog has reported that pictures of the much anticipated M235i (basically the new baby M3) have surfaced before the exciting official launch of the car tomorrow. And to sum it up in one word; it looks phenomenal.




I was a big fan of the out-going 1-Series platform already, with it’s amazing power to weight ratio and seemingly miniaturized styling compared to the 3-Series cars. The new 2-Series car however, seems to put even it’s predecessor to shame. There are several improvements to be pointed out here. The new 2-Series seems to have incorporated many of the curves that it’s new family is seeing. The new grill and fascia has an updated look that makes it look less awkward in it’s miniaturization from it’s older family members (the 3-Series, etc.). The headlights and hood resemble very much with the current 3-Series, 5-Series, etc. Along with that, the front grill, wheel arches and door panels, are much better incorporated giving it more of presence rather than making it obvious that it is the little brother of the 3-Series. There are pictures aplenty, so enjoy the aesthetical beauty, that is the new M235i.










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