REOD takes Le Mans

REOD takes Le Mans

The electric car gets racyIn a race track way

Nissan has revealed its all-electric race car – the Zero Emission On Demand (ZEOD RC) which is said to be capable of a top speed over 300 KM/H. A better-looking, closed-cockpit version of the DeltaWing, the car is set to debut in 2014 at the Hours of Le Mans where the car has been invited by Le Mans organizers to compete as the Garage 56 entry which is the spot held for cars of new or cutting-edge technology.


Nissan ZEOD RC


Designer Ben Bowlby stated, “We have many [battery] options to consider and test. The test program is part of a longer term goal of developing a system and a set of rules for this type of technology in partnership with the ACO that would be best suited to competing at the highest level of this sport.”


Nissan ZEOD RC


The ultimate goal of the ZEOD RC program is to sort out the feasibility of a LM P1 all-electric class for future Le Mans racing.


Source: AutoBlog

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