Nissan GT-R Could Get the Hybrid Treatment, by Williams

Nissan GT-R Could Get the Hybrid Treatment, by Williams

Nissan GT-R Could Get the Hybrid Treatment, by WilliamsAs if the current Nissan GT-R isn't awesome already, soon enough we could be seeing a Hybrid electric version of the Japanese performance car. Should be shockingly good!

In recent months, we’ve seen the release of several hybrid (gas-electric) super cars. From the beautiful McLaren P1 to the awesome Porsche 918 to the unbelievable Ferrari LaFerrari (So good, they named it twice?). Now however, it looks like the Nissan GT-R might be joining the league too.




After Williams tied the knot with Nissan back in June, it’s just been a matter of time that we see some hints of what’s to come from the F1 team’s applied sciences division which has promised to help develop a new line of Nismo performance vehicles. And which better car to start with than Godzilla itself? Australian auto news source; Carsales has released that Williams Advanced Engineering is developing a hybrid powerhouse for the next generation of the phenomenal Nissan GT-R.




It’s still unclear however, whether we’ll see a fly-wheel based energy recovery system (similar to the KERS technology used by F1 cars) or whether they’ll opt for the standard battery powered systems seen in the cars listed above. Either way, Nissan is in good hands with Williams which has developed the performance hybrid systems for Porsche, Audi’s Le Mans cars and even for the C-X75 concept by Jaguar.

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