Nissan Expands US Production

Nissan Expands US Production

Nissan Expands US ProductionNissan has officially broadened US production to include the Nissan Rogue!

In an attempt to increase US production of cars sold in the US, Nissan has set a goal: by 2015, 85 % of cars sold in the US will be produced in the US. In an effort to reach this goal, Nissan built it’s first all American crossover!


Nissan Rogue 2014

The US Rogue is a compact crossover that has seen increases in sales in the US over the past two years. Thus, it’s no surprise that the Rogue was the next model to begin production in the US. Built in Smyrna, Tennessee, the Rogue is now the fifth model to be made in the US, joining a group consisting of Maximas, Altimas and others.  With this advancement, Nissan hopes to reach it’s goal of 85% by 2015!



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