Next Generation Porsche Panamera to get new V6, V8

Next Generation Porsche Panamera to get new V6, V8

Porsche is creating a new platform and giving the next-generation Panamera a new family of engines.

The Porsche Panamera will be one of many models to get a new engine designed for the automakers MSB platform and will most likely be shared with Bentley in 2017. Both, the V6 and V8 petrol engines will be a more sport like variant than Volkswagen and Audi. Porsche has developed their own V6 and V8 engine models for the Panamera and Cayenne. Models built with the new MSB platform will have the new engines, which Porsche is leading development. The new platform will be on front-engine models with both rear and four-wheel-drive.


For Porsche, the new MSB platform will be mainly used for the next-generation Panamera, scheduled to be sold around 2017. MSB is being designed so that it can allow alterations to the wheelbase as well as track and seating position. The new platform would fit will with lower and more sporty Porsches as well as more former and taller Bentleys.


Source: AutocarUK

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