New York’s Manhole Covers Could Soon Provide an Extra Buzz

New York’s Manhole Covers Could Soon Provide an Extra Buzz

Man Holes to Double as EV Chargers New Startup hopes to charge your EV while you shop...wirelessly

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges to owning a electric vehicle is finding places to top it up in between full charges at home. A recent start up hopes to change all this with their innovative use of turning man hole covers into wireless charging units for electric and hybrid vehicles. HEVO Power, a New-York based start up hopes to use their wireless charging stations positioned over man hole covers as both parking and charging spots for electric vehicles. The station consists of three parts, the station which is dishing out the power, a receiving unit that hooks onto the battery of the vehicle, and the best part?  A mobile app that lets you find empty spots, as well as assisting the driver in parking the car correctly.

In 2014, HEVO Power with their launch partner New York University will begin a pilot program in the Washington State Park area. Initially, the project will only include two Smart ForTwo cars using their wireless charger receivers. But if the program succeeds, HEVO Power hopes to be able to implement their system with commercial companies like PepsiCo and Walgreens (which they are currently in talks with) to have them use their system for their fleet of delivery vehicles. Ideally, commercial vehicles will be able to top up the batteries of their delivery trucks while the drivers drops off deliveries. If their system works, it could really reduce the worry of long overnight charging times and range limitations.

Source: FastCompany
Picture Source: Flickr


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