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Toronto's most precise detailer | As car enthusiasts, we take pride in taking care of the way our cars look.

As car enthusiasts, we take pride in taking care of the way our cars look. After all we love our car the most when it is clean. Admit it, being able to see the beautiful exterior paint, wheels that shine, and a clean interior makes every car owner feel like a little school girl on the inside. Most of us do enjoy heading up the task of cleaning with our own two hands, but sometimes thanks to Mother Nature in the form of acidic bird droppings, sticky pine sap, industrial fallout, or an unfortunate coffee cup spilling incident (that will never be spoken of again), the undertaking of keeping picture perfect paint when buffing or polishing is required, it should be left up to the professionals. A paint correction job gone wrong through the incorrect use of a polisher could leave your paint ruined forever. 3


GetDetailed (formerly Elevated Car Care) is a professional auto car detailing company that serves the Greater Toronto Area. Owned and operated by young entrepreneur Hamza Nadeem, they provide auto detailing, paint correction including polishing, and paint coatings that protect paint, as well as new car preparations. Having your brand spanking new car prepped can be the difference between enjoying that shiny showroom finish forever, or just a few short months.


When our project car arrived, a 1990 Mazda Miata with only 35,000 original miles on it, it was in exceptional shape. Nevertheless paint does naturally tend to lose its shine after almost 24 years. The colour was slightly faded and the car was riddled with swirl marks and fine scratches. Thus, when it came time for us to bring our Miata’s paint back to how it was almost a quarter-century ago, we indulged in the services offered at GetDetailed. Trusting someone else with your car can sometimes be a daunting task, but with a professional attitude from Hamza and his team, you know you are in good hands. 5


The Miata underwent many of Hamza’s detailing methods: First, the Miata was given a bath that even Julius Caeser would be hard-pressed to pass up. Hamza began the washing process using the well-known two-bucket method, a grit-guard to catch debris, a custom sponge, as well as a steamed pressure wash to rinse off. It was then dried off with specialized drying towels. After the washing process it was time to remove all of the organic and industrial fallout that had accumulated on the paint surface over the lifespan of the Miata. Often a good tip for anyone wondering if their vehicle is due for a decontamination process is to glide your hand over a dry portion of the paint. If it feels like sandpaper, then you can be sure there is a substantial amount of fallout. Following the complete removal of the contaminants it came time to remove and paint defects that have amassed over the years.


Waxing, buffing and polishing is the most time consuming part of detailing, but it makes an enormous difference during a full detail. If done correctly, the car can come out looking better than a showroom finish. Lastly, the Miata was given a combination of organic wax (short-term protection) and a coating of synthetic paint sealant which is longer lasting. These coatings can last up to 2 or more years on the paint and in comparison to paint are 100 times thicker than traditional waxes. This keeps the car staying clean longer and when it is time to clean, the dirt effortlessly comes off. 13



Thanks to GetDetailed the Miata has undergone a complete transformation. To see what the paint correction process looks like on a Honda S2000 have a look at the video below. Check out the website to view other services that are offered including motorcycle detailing, road paint removal, and fleet management services. Considering the level of workmanship that is included, the prices are very reasonable (starting from $35 and up). Additionally, if you aren’t from the Greater Toronto Area, the knowledgable staff of GetDetailed likely know of a reputable detailer in your area that can provide just as good of a service as they can. 2 Gallery

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