Mitsubishi stopping production on Evolution X

Mitsubishi stopping production on Evolution X

Mitsubishi will never be the sameafter they have decided to pull the plug on production of the Evolution X, the performance sedan.

Mitsubishi has announced they will be stopping production for the Lancer Evolution performance sedan. The Japanese automaker will stop building the tenth generation of the Evolution X by the end of this year. Since the model debuted in 1992, a total of 154,000 units have been sold worldwide.


The Evo was created because engineers from Mitsubishi’s rally program shoehorned the turbocharged 2.0-litre engine with the all-wheel-drive system from the Galant VR-4. The automaker never intended for the car to be export, but auto enthusiasts jumped onto the Lancer Evolution and had the company exporting the car.


Recently, Mitsubishi has decided to go greener and brand themselves as a more eco-friendly company and with poor sales in the recent years, the Evo was slowly dying. It has been said that a future Mitsubishi flagship might utilize a hybrid-electric drivetrain but there has been no official confirmation.


Source: Leftlane



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