Mercedes announces the E Class All Terrain

Mercedes announces the E Class All Terrain

The Mercedes-Benz E Class All Terrain is well-equipped to handle all conditions, and look good while doing so.

From the Audi Allroad to the Volvo V90 Cross Country, versatility, practicality and “all-road” capability are the favourable characteristics found in this growing niche of vehicles. After many years of success for the aforementioned brands, Mercedes-Benz has finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and introduce it’s take on an “all-road” vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz E Class All Terrain is the company’s first “All Terrain” badged vehicle.Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse All-Terrain (S213), 2016

A number of changes to the inside, outside and suspension set this E Class apart from its sibling. The interior includes an All-Terrain exclusive aluminum-carbon trim along with sport pedals and the other features that come packed in the E Class Estate. The exterior adopts an off-road look that is attributed to the use of a three-part colour scheme. The fenders are finished with a textured black plastic accompanied by a black side skirt finished with a chrome stripe. Front and rear bumpers feature a three-part design with black cladding, a silver skid plate and body coloured paint. Three wheel options complete the package, including a 20″ wheel with a wider sidewall to give an extra rugged look.

Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse All-Terrain (S213), 2016

The suspension on the E Class All Terrain receives an upgrade over the regular E Class Wagon. With the Mercedes-Benz “Air Body Control” air suspension system, the vehicle can raise its ground clearance by 20mm at speeds up to 35km/h. Additionally, the suspension can raise to a maximum of 35mm over the standard height of 121mm. Overall, this enhances the vehicles off-road capability while also increasing comfort over less-than-ideal road conditions. In addition, the E Class All Terrain comes with a Drive Select system that can change the characteristics of the engine, transmission, traction control and steering in five different ways; one of which being an All-Terrain driving mode.

Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse All-Terrain (S213), 2016

The All-Terrain will launch in 2017 as an E 220 d 4MATIC. Based on this powertrain configuration, it is very unlikely that North America will see this vehicle on its shores, any time soon.

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