Meet BMW’s Innovative New Key Fob

Meet BMW’s Innovative New Key Fob

BMW Might Have Revolutionized the KeyBMW's New Game Changing Key

BMW’s Concept Vision Efficient Dynamics concept first unveiled in 2009 marks a huge step for BMW as a company. Since the re-launch of the Mini Cooper in the early 2000’s, BMW hasn’t had a new “line” of cars released along side their yearly updated production cars. But, with the Concept Vision Efficient Dynamics, the company has given the nod to release a separate line of cars with a smaller carbon footprint to be sold under the BMW i lineup. The first car to launch, the BMW i3 has already racked up 10’s of thousands of preorders and the next model, the BMW i8 (based off the 2009 concept) is slated to launch next year as the 2015 model.






BMW, while already jam packing the i8 with technology to help attain its 94 mpg efficiency rating isn’t limiting the technology to just the car itself. Rumors are abound that the i8 will feature a revolutionary new key fob as well. The little key fob will feature a high resolution LCD that will display the remaining charge left on the car as well as its range. Moreover, BMW says that the keys will also display whether or not all the doors are locked (so you don’t have to enter the mall and run back out double checking if the doors are actually locked). That being said however, BMW isn’t going the way of smartphones and removing all the buttons. The key will still feature tactile unlock, lock and trunk buttons as per the usual standard keyless entry system implemented in today’s cars.






With all that said however, one can’t help stopping and thinking whether or not BMW might have just revolutionized the keyless entry system in a car.

Source: The Ultralinx 

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