McLaren’s P1 Sub 7 Minute ‘Ring Video

McLaren’s P1 Sub 7 Minute ‘Ring Video

McLaren P1 + Nurburgring 2 Minutes of glorious V8 noises!

McLaren, ever so proud of their limited production supercar has released a promotional video showing their pride and joy going around the famed Nordschleife. They claim the lap time is sub 7 minutes, but they’ve been rather coy in releasing a official time. Which makes sense because the team at Woking don’t want Ferrari gunning for their new lap time with the LaFerrari.



The video of the 727 bhp + 176 bhp hybrid supercar lapping the ‘ring is absolutely stunning and a definite pick me up for the monday blues. Take a look at the embedded video below!




Source: Autoblog

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