The Mars Levitating Bluetooth Portable Speaker

The Mars Levitating Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Levitating speaker will offer 360 degrees of pure awesomeness. Beautiful styling, and an unconventional name make for one interesting package.

Until this past year, portable Bluetooth speaker systems only provided the best sound quality within a 180 degree area in front of the speaker, and sometimes less. To audiophiles and those who wanted their sound systems to fill entire rooms, this left limited options for where the speaker could be placed, and this sometimes meant that people caught behind the speaker do not get the full audio experience. The answer to this modern day dilemma? Creating a speaker that is able to project sound a full 360 degrees. After some prototypes from manufacturers like Sony and Samsung, the team at Crazybaby have taken it one step further by creating a speaker that levitates.



crazybaby_mars crazybaby_mars-1



Shaped like a 1950’s rendition of what a UFO would look like, the Mars Levitating Bluetooth Speaker is the first levitating speaker that includes a subwoofer system. The subwoofer also acts as the speaker’s charging station, along with the bass boost it will most definitely bring to the system, the subwoofer has two USB ports for charging your devices. The team at Crazybaby claim that by suspending the speaker in the air avoids sound waves being absorbed by surfaces, thus improving sound quality and minimizing distortion.






The developers have ensured that the Mars is not a one trick pony that sits in your living room. Able to provide up to eight hours of playtime on its own, the Mars can be taken anywhere. You won’t have to worry about pampering the speaker either; the system is waterproof and is able to survive in up to three feet of water. Crazybaby has also created a companion app that will be available on both iOS and Android. The app will allow the system to use a proximity volume feature, adjusting the volume relative to your distance from the speaker. It also has a microphone which can serve as a great tool for conference calls.



Currently, the Mars speaker is still available for pre-order for the next 12 days. Available in two colour options, either Black or White, the Mars speaker will be available for $189.00 USD. Buyers can expect to see delivery in April of this year. So far the Mars speaker is a hit, over $538,000 has been raised towards this product. Click here to pre order your very own. If you want to know more, check out the video below!



Source: Crazybaby

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