Luxury for $30K

Luxury for $30K

Luxury for $30kLuxury cars, traditionally branded as ones of high class and quality, are now being offered for much lower prices in an attempt to target a larger consumer range!

Luxury has always been synonymous with high-end pricing. However, a recent change in the automobile industry may change how we view the term “luxury” forever. Mercedes, BMW and Audi, premium cars known to be of the upper class, are now being sold for only $30,000. The question is – why?


Mercedes-Benz CLA


It seems that these companies are trying to re-brand themselves. The reality is that younger consumers cannot afford to pay high sticker prices. However, this new method may end up hurting the overall brands in general! In an attempt to attract these customers, in their 30s and 40s, Mercedes, BMW, Audi and other automobile manufacturers have lowered their sticker prices; does this mean they’ve lowered their quality as well?



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