Long-Term Test Update: Nokia Lumia 1020

Long-Term Test Update: Nokia Lumia 1020

The second part of our multi-part series on this phone It’s fast, it’s responsive, has great battery life and it’s aesthetically very attractive.

Now that we’ve had the Nokia Lumia 1020 for a decent amount of time, I’ve been able to get better acquainted with the phone and its nuances. I think this has given me a bit more insight into the personality of the phone and will let me shed a bit more light over the experience of owning one. I want to begin by saying that the Lumia 1020 is a great phone. It’s fast, it’s responsive, has great battery life and it’s aesthetically very attractive. That being said, I think the biggest flaw in the phone is the Windows Operating system. Windows 8 Mobile is an OS that has a lot of potential. There are, however, a few kinks that really hold the software back from being terrific. It’s important to note that all of the images in this review are photos I actually took with the Lumia 1020’s spectacular 41 megapixel camera.


Lumia 1


First and foremost, having a Windows Phone means that a lot of the apps that are traditionally available on Apple and Android phones aren’t necessarily available on the Lumia 1020. This can be quite frustrating when all your friends are playing QuizUp and you’re the only one who’s stuck on the sidelines trying to help your buddy figure out which logo matches with a particular brand. Come on Nokia/Windows, it’s already hard enough for me to be cool as it is, let’s not compound those difficulties. The flip side to this issue is that the major apps are available. So Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and ESPN will not leave your side.


Another issue that was slightly amusing was how different a few of the seemingly standard applications are. For example, the alarm app doesn’t come with a timer or countdown function like the iPhone does – it is strictly an alarm. This was a bit frustrating when I was cooking dinner. I had to stare at a clock and count exactly how many minutes I had left to simmer my vegetables like some kind of animal rather than having a handy timer on my phone.  Similarly, the Calendar/Reminders application is somewhat clumsy to navigate and utilize. However, once I figured out exactly how to do so, the app was quite useful. The notification comes up on your lock screen 24 hours beforehand and remains there until the ‘event’ has passed. That was really terrific as I have a really lousy memory and I need to be constantly reminded of things I have coming up.


photo 5


The features that I really did enjoy were the Live Tiles that are a highlight in Windows 8 Mobile. They allowed me to access a wide range of information at once and streamlined a lot of things at once. I no longer had to access individual apps to get certain information. I simply had to pin an app to the start page and it would stream information to the tile. I really did enjoy that feature. It was intuitive, innovative, and really helpful. Likewise, the ability to access Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. from your phone was quite nice. I think this function is of particular interest to businesspeople that have to review a lot of spreadsheets and documents via email. It really cuts out the middleman of simply being able to view it or not being able to edit something.


One of the surprising things about the 1020 is its durability. Now by no means do I abuse my phones or neglect their care. However, this Nokia was dropped a grand total of three times, and all three times my heart stopped when I heard it clatter on the floor. However, the tough little bugger came through unscathed each time – not even a scratch! The phone is remarkably durable. Durability is a rare characteristic as phones become more technologically advanced and complicated and thereby more fragile. I’d imagine that if a more brute of a man were to use this phone, it would put up with quite a bit before throwing in the towel.


Nokia Lumia 1020 - Long Term Test Intro


Overall, the Nokia Lumia 1020 is a great cell phone. However, it’s main drawbacks lie in its lack of versatility and the restrictions that come with having Windows 8 Mobile as an OS. However, if you’re someone who needs a workhorse phone, with a spectacular camera, and weigh innovation and intuitiveness over entertainment and scores in mobile games, the Nokia Lumia 1020 is the phone for you. Having it for several weeks was a real joy and I really grew to like it. I am firmly convinced that once Nokia and Windows really work out the kinks in their phones and really nail down a formula for a particularly outstanding phone, we’ll have a game changer on our hands. However, the Nokia Lumia 1020 isn’t that game changer just yet. It’s just a remarkably good phone with room to grow.


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