It’s Here! The Lexus RC, Finally Revealed

It’s Here! The Lexus RC, Finally Revealed

It's Here! The Lexus RC, Finally RevealedIt's here; the much anticipated, 2 door variant of the Lexus IS and it looks amazing!

Earlier this year, we saw the release of the 3rd generation of the Lexus IS; a car known for it’s striking design (exterior and interior). The much refined new IS took several design cues from the LF-LC concept showcased a year earlier. The IS incorporated several features from the concept such as the striking mesh patter spindle grille and the prominent L-shaped daytime LED running lights. Now however, Lexus has taken a chapter from BMW’s books. Similar to how BMW released the 4-Series as the coupe version of the 3-Series sedan; Lexus is placing it’s striking new RC as the two-door version of the already successful IS sedan.





The new Lexus RC (coupe); the prodigal son of the Lexus IS.


So there it is; in all it’s glory; the Lexus RC. It’s clear that the RC is the child of the IS and both cars take a lot of ideas from the current icon of lexus; the phenomenal LFA. The RC has the same ferocious grill and LED running lights as the IS and the pronounced flares on the door panels are identical to those on the IS. Towards the back of the car; we see the L-theme continued in the backlights, massive air ducts behind the wheel arches and just an overall pronounced (almost over-done) design. For some, the design is a bit over the top (maybe it’s that massive grill; especially in that cherry red), but here at DCC, we love the new RC.


ku-xlarge (2)


The interior, once again taking several design cues from the IS; looks much better than what Lexus has delivered in past years. There’s a distinct design flow, with lines and curves followed through, through-out the cabin. And a hunky steering wheel with a giant Lexus logo will never let you forget which car you’re in. Having driven the new IS, we expect nothing short of amazing quality and design from the RC. Initially, the RC will be released with the same set of powertrains available in the Lexus IS; being topped by the RC350 (putting out about 306H!) and word is that there will also be a hybrid version of the vehicle.


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