Leaked: Images of the BMW 4-Series Convertible

Leaked: Images of the BMW 4-Series Convertible

Leaked: Images of the BMW 4-Series ConvertibleThe BMW 4-series is amazing on its own merit, now however, the convertible version of the car is here, and it looks great!

As BMW phases out the BMW 3-series coupe; we say good bye to an iconic line of cars. The 3-series coupe has long been known as the benchmark of the sport coupe segment, with classics such as the 335i and of course the amazing M3. However, the end of the 3 series coupe has led to the release of the 4 series coupes. Undoubtedly phenomenal cars!




Now however, Autoblog has reported (with visuals and all) that that BMW 4-series convertible images have been leaked, and it looks pretty amazing. Very few cars can properly pull off the topless look; the 4-series IS part of that small group of vehicles. The design of the 4-series takes a lot from the out-going 3-series of course, however, there’s numerous design cues that show a renewal in design, from all aspects. The tail lights for one, hint at the 5-series or the 6-series. The cars will feature a slightly longer wheelbase and of course, the powertrains have been redesigned.




The full release of the convertible is expected to come within a month at the 2013 LA Auto Show.

Source: Autoblog.com

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