Land Rover’s Newest Ad

Land Rover’s Newest Ad

Land Rover's Newest AdLand Rover launches a new mini-series campaign that plays off a popular TV show.

Land Rover’s newest campaign is set to air this upcoming weekend. In a four-episode mini-series, Land Rover hopes to sell the Range Rover Sport to the general public.


Land Rover's Range Rover 2013 Ad

This new series, Driven, uses similar cues and quotes to allude to the well known show, Top Gear. The Range Rover Sport faces off with other cars in four distinct arenas. With dramatic sounds and imagery, the commercial definitely elicits excitement and fun. However, one comparison immediately comes to mind – the film series put out by BMW in the 2001 and 2002. While Land Rover’s Driven may be entertaining, will it top BMW’s The Hire? Check the link below to preview Land Rover’s anticipated commercials!









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