Lamborghini Gallardo Replacement Spotted at the Nurburgring

Lamborghini Gallardo Replacement Spotted at the Nurburgring

Lamborghini Gallardo Replacement Spotted at the NurburgringThe Gallardo is the iconic Lambo; however the successor is now here. Dubbed the Cabrera and it looks fantastic.

The Gallardo has been in production for over 10 years now. It’s also been one of Lamborghini’s most successful production car (by volume sold). However, the time has come for the Gallardo to be replaced. It’s out with the old and in with the new. And the new will be the Lamborghini Cabrera. The soon to be released entry level Lambo has been spotted at the Nurburgring going through thorough testing.



The soon to be released Gallardo successor; the Cabrera.

Looking at those spy photos, it looks phenomenal. Clearly there are several hints of the Aventador in the styling; which goes to show that Lamborghini designers are definitely working towards the theme. However, it’s undoubtedly still the ‘baby’ Lambo. Along with this, it’s still quite obvious that the Cabrera is definitely the successor to the Gallardo from its design.



The Cabrera clearly keeps with classing Lambo styling.


Seeing as Audi is the parent company to Lamborghini, it’s not much of a surprise that the Cabrera is to feature the same platform as the brilliant Audi R8. Along with this, Lamborghini plans of sticking with 10 cylinders under the hood and keeping the awesome 4 wheel drive system (so you don’t have put your Lambo away every time it rains a little). Check out some of the spy photos provided by Autoblog and for more info and fully listing of pictures; check out the main link below.


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