Lamborghini Cabrera…Could This Be It?

Lamborghini Cabrera…Could This Be It?

The New Baby Lambo!?We sure hope it looks this wild!

Recently Lamborghini announced that the last Gallardo has rolled off the factory floor, and with it, has come the end of an era. The Gallardo has been one of sports car makers most popular models with over 14 000 units sold in its decade long lifetime. While that number may seem small at first glance, when put into perspective, it’s actually a huge amount. Since its inception, Lamborghini has sold roughly 30 000 cars, of which 14 000 were Gallardos. That’s almost half of everything they’ve sold!



Lambo Cabrera



While it will be still sometime before we find out the full details of the Cabrera, artists have had the liberty to create a few renderings of what they think the design will look like based on pictures of the test mules in varying states of auto-camo undress. From what it looks like, Lamborghini has really outdone themselves in making the next baby Lmabo look wild and exciting. Details are still very hush hush about the performance of the V10, but there’s no doubt that it’ll feature lighter technologies and faster performance than the outgoing model. Here at Double Clutch, we can’t wait to see the final production model!



Lambo Cabrera Back

Source: Jalopnik

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