Urus, Is It Here Yet?

Urus, Is It Here Yet?

Will this everyday Lambo ever hit the market?Evidence suggests the concept is nearing production

Harry Metcalfe was the first to tweet news regarding the Urus, stating that “Lamborghini confirms Urus SUV for 2017 production and tonight’s #Lambo50 gala dinner.” This Urus concept SUV was revealed at the Beijing Motor Show last year and while it still has yet to be given the go-ahead on production, development still continues.  If produced, the Urus will become the first Lamborghini made for “every day use”.


There has been recent evidence that production of this car is starting to happen with patents being filed in China and Audi CEO, Rupert Stadler, stating that “Lamborghini has to do it.  Because of the need to dovetail into production cycles, we should see the Urus in 2017.”  Since he is the CEO of the company that owns Lamborghini, you can safely assume he probably knows what he’s talking about.

Lamborghini Urus Concept


Predictions for a 2016 showroom model have been made as the Italian company will be looking to increase sales in China and Italy with this model at a cost of $150-200,000 USD.



Source: AutoBlog Canada

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