Ken Block’s GYMKHANA 6 Video Released

Ken Block’s GYMKHANA 6 Video Released

Ken Block's GYMKHANA 6 Video ReleasedKen Block's genius knows no bounds; Block releases the 6th video of his Gymkhana series, and it is amazing!

It’s been several years since Ken Block (full time CEO of DC Shoes and overall awesome guy!) released the original Gymkhana video. Block showcased some of the most amazing drifting moves and in effect started a growing trend among drifting enthusiasts to set up their own urban drift courses. One would think however, that maybe after the first (or second, or third) such gymkhana video, Block would give it a rest. This is not the case (fortunately!). Ken Block has released the 6th such Gymkhana video and it does not disappoint!


Click on the image below to check out the video!





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