Japanese Automakers Dominate Consumer Reports’ Reliability Rankings

Japanese Automakers Dominate Consumer Reports' Reliability RankingsThe Consumer Report "Annual Auto Reliability Rankings" are out and some of the names might surprise you.

Japanese brands have been synonymous with the term reliability; so it’s not surprising that the top 3 positions in Consumer Reports’ Annual Auto Reliability Rankings are Japanese automakers. At the top, we see Lexus, Toyota and Acura taking top 3, respectively. Followed by that we see Audi, which has jumped 4 points to 4th place due to it’s much more refined 2014 models. Then 5th place to 10th place includes Mazda, Infiniti, Volvo, Honda, GMC and Subaru.



Lexus tops the list for automotive reliability; largely due to it’s new lineup of vehicles.


Some of the more surprising listings include GMC; which jumped from 12th place to 9th place in this year’s rankings. GMC; which is known for it’s large SUVs like the Sierra and the Denali is also the only American car manufacturer in the top 10 members of the list. Meanwhile, Scion lost 10 positions (from 1st place to 11th place) this year, and Subaru (another name known for it’s rugidness and reliability) dropped 5 spots from 4th place to 10th place. And most of all, the list saw the rise of Buick to 12th place and also Chrysler and Ram both at ranks just under 20 (pretty impressive as compared to their historical rankings).


Scion (a subsidiary of Toyota) saw it’s rank drop by 10 spots, despite it’s Japanese background.


For more details on the list, check out the source article below.


Source: Autoblog.com

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