Jaguar XE will share the F-Type’s supercharged V6

Jaguar XE will share the F-Type’s supercharged V6

If you thought the F-Type was a beauty well obviously it still is, but the Jaguar XE will share the same V6 engine - look out, Jaguar coming through!

The Jaguar XE sport-sedan will have a beast under the hood – the same one that powers the Jaguar F-Type to be exact, the V6. The F-Types 3.0-litre V6 is good for anywhere between 340 to 360 horsepower, so the XE should be in the same category and will compete with cars like the Audi S4 and the BMW 335i.


This engine allows the F-Type to jump from 0 to about 99 kilometres per hour in roughly 5 seconds. The XE will use an all-new turbocharged 4-cylinder powertrain for base models and will ride on a new aluminum platform. The same underpinnings will be used on the upcoming Jaguar SUV based on the CX-17 concept.


Source: Autoguide

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