Inspiring a Generation

Inspiring a Generation

Is the new LaFerrari a bit...influenced? Ferrari has always taken styling cues from one model and applied it to another. The Ferrari 360 had a similar backend to that of the F50. Likewise between the Enzo and F430.

It all started on  It was the first Ferrari discussion forum that I found when I was shopping for my Ferrari 360, and it was the first time I saw the Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina.


A little background on the P4/5; it’s a marvel one-off commissioned by stock exchange magnate James Glickenhaus and executed by design house Pininfarina, a re-imagining of the Ferrari Enzo with ties to the historical 1967 Ferrari 330 P3/4. Incidentally, it was Pininfarina who had approached Glickenhaus in March 2005 rather than the other way around.


Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina


It was a project that cost $4 million and was presented in August of 2006 to the public.


Iconic.  Beautiful.  Technically superior to the Enzo, featuring a quicker 0-60 time and a drag co-efficient of only 0.34.


If I were a 12-year old boy I’d have a poster of that car on my wall.


As such, when Ferrari introduced the LaFerrari at this year’s Geneva Auto Show, I like many others were stunned at the looks, sound and styling of Ferrari’s latest hyper car.


Ferrari LaFerrari


But then I looked closer and saw something that I’ve become so familiar with seeing.  A definite influence of the P4/5 on the latest Ferrari flagship model and something I’m not the least bit surprised at. “One of Ferrari’s in-house designers told me that P4/5 influenced F70/LaFerrari. This was 8 months ago. I believed him then and I believe him now.” – James Glickenhaus.


Similarities exist in the front air inlet and outlet, hood, front wheel arches, and rear quarter panels but the most heavily influenced aspect would have to be the backend.


P4/5 above LaFerrari


Ferrari has always taken styling cues from one model and applied it to another.  The Ferrari 360 had a similar backend to that of the F50.  Likewise between the Enzo and F430.  It’s part of what makes Ferrari… Ferrari.  The mass homogenization of products, road cars, F1 cars, everything.  They tie it all together in a fantastic package that causes people to jump over each other to get a closer look at.


P4/5 Rear End


Yet, the P4/5 stands alone.  It isn’t a Ferrari product.  It may bear the name of the marquee but it is separate.  It was something contrived through the hard work, dedication and resources put forth by key individuals.  I view the P4/5 as the Mona Lisa of the automotive world.  Something people should just gaze upon and respect.


LaFerrari Rear


“Andrea and Sergio set out to nudge Ferrari back from the Enzo towards Classic Beauty and told me that’s what they hoped to accomplish with P 4/5. Even though their family name is conspicuously missing from the F70 I do think that this morning they are smiling.” – James Glickenhaus


Congratulations to Mr. Glickenhaus, Pininfarina and everyone involved with the P4/5.  Not only did you manage to inspire an entire generation but a corporation as well.



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