Improve your MPG

Improve your MPG

Improve Your MPGA top ten list details ways to maximize the fuel you are putting into your car!

In today’s economy, every cent counts. Especially with the prevalence of cars in our society, maximizing your MPG can really go a long way in helping save money! That’s probably why Autoguide came out with a top-ten list that helps do exactly this: maximize your MPG.

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To check out details on the suggestions, how to implement the suggestions, or why a suggestion may help, check out the website itself. Below, we’ve provided a condensed version that lists out the ten ways to help save gas and money!

1. Avoid Stopping and Starting by Being Alert

2. Maintain Speeds – Don’t Rush to Accelerate and Break Excessively

3.  Cruise Control

4. Slow Down

5. Change the Oil

6. Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

7. Keep the Air Filter Clean

8. Clean out Extra Junk AKA Extra Weight

9. Follow the Recommendation of Fuel Grade

10. Avoid Idling



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