Hyundai to bring 1000 HP Genesis Coupe to SEMA

Hyundai to bring 1000 HP Genesis Coupe to SEMA

Hyundai to bring 1000 HP Genesis Coupe to SEMAHow does Hyundai take the already brilliant Genesis Coupe and make it better? Well how about uping the power to 1000 HP, check it out at SEMA this year.

As usual Hyundai has something ridiculously up their sleeves to bring to SEMA. Last year they showcased a 600 HP Elantra GT… yea… 600 HP in an ELANTRA! So how do they plan to top that? Easily! They’re bringing a 1000 HP variant of the already iconic Hyundai Genesis Coupe. The Genesis Coupe; already very popular among tuners due to it’s very affordable price point, easily customizable platform and of course; REAR WHEEL DRIVE.
SEMA Gen Coupe - Front

The 1000 HP Genesis Coupe coming to SEMA

The Genesis Coupe that Hyundai is bringing to SEMA however takes this already awesome vehicle to another level. The 1000 HPs are developed form the 3.8 liter R-Spec naturally aspirated motor hooked up to a pair of Bisimoto/Turbonetic BTX6462 turbochargers. Obviously it would take a lot more than that in upgrades to bring the powertrain to the level where it can sustain that much power. Internal upgrades include new connecting rods, camshafts, forged pistons, fuel pump and fuel injectors and a massive intercooler.


SEMA Gen Coupe - Rear

The upgrades aren’t purely internal… clearly.

And that’s not all, the car isn’t lacking in aesthetic upgrades either. The beastly Gen coupe features bespoke ¬†wheels, larger gill openings (to serve that immense intercooler), awesome metallic blue and black paint work and much more!

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