Hudway’s New App Turns iOS Devices into Heads-Up Display

Hudway's New App Turns iOS Devices into Heads-Up DisplayHudway brings heads-up display technology for cars, with a very simple application and a fraction of the cost of conventional systems.

Heads-up displays in cars that can display vital information like speed, engine RPMs, navigation info, etc. have by and large been features of high end vehicles such as BMW M-series lineup or top of the line Audis. Now however, Hudway has developed a new app for the iOS platform that can turn your basic Apple cellphone into a tool to display crucial information on your car’s windscreen as you drive along. The concept is simple, in low light conditions, you fire up the app and place it on your dash board. The windscreen acts as a mirror, reflecting navigational information, speed, etc. to the driver.



The Hudway heads-up display is a simple but brilliant concept.


From a technical standpoint, the concept can’t be any simpler. The work done by Hudway is largely in inverting the regular image so when it reflects from the windscreen, it is shown to the driver the right way. The app is a great way to help the driver stay focused on the act of driving by keeping both their eyes on the road while delivering whatever information they need to effectively operate their vehicle.



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