Hooning is Suitable for Celebrities too

Hooning is Suitable for Celebrities too

50 Cent likes to play around in his cars too at least it isn't leopard print!

Some celebrities have been seen doing odd things in their cars, but 50 Cent is up to something else. He posted a video of his 2014 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series coupe doing burnouts. Although you can’t see 50 behind the wheel, there’s no reason to believe he isn’t the one driving. But hey, at least he is having some fun hooning around in his cars!



With the Grammy’s coming up, celebrities can seem so uptight and may not have time to just goof around and have some fun besides Hollywood parties. Props to 50 for actually seeming like he had fun playing around with his car, at least he doesn’t look nearly as silly as Justin Bieber with his chrome Fisker Karma or his leopard print Audi R8!


Source: Autoblog

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