Hoonigan Racing Brings RaptorTRAX to Life

Hoonigan Racing Brings RaptorTRAX to Life

Ken Block does it again and creates a new snowmobile with Hoonigan Racing.

If the Ford F-150 Raptor isn’t cool enough for you, are snowmobiles any better? Hoonigan Racing has created something that truck and snowmobile lovers will adore – The F-150 RaptorTRAX. Yeah, it would be fun to drive the RaptorTRAX, but a roll cage would have to be added, just to be safe. Because, in all seriousness who wouldn’t want to drive that up a mountain or have some serious fun in it! We can thank Ken Block for this wonderful automobile, and his not-so-slim wallet too for bringing it to life. Snowmageddon? Don’t worry go grab a RaptorTRAX and have some fun! Check out the video below of Ken driving it!



Source: RoadandTrack

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