Hennessey Quick to Reveal $1.25M ‘World’s Fastest Edition’ Venom GT

Hennessey Quick to Reveal $1.25M ‘World’s Fastest Edition’ Venom GT

Special Edition Venom GT released! Priced to sell at $1.25M

After the Venom GT attained the Guinness World Record as the quickest car to reach 300 km/hr to go along with a healthy 435.31 km/hr top speed that was recorded last month on NASA’s space shuttle landing strip, Hennessey decided it was time for a celebration. To revel in the glory of being faster than a Bugatti Veryon, Hennessey built a special edition of the Venom GT and bluntly named it the ‘World’s Fastest Edition’. If you were in the market to get this special edition, it is already too late! The one-and-a-quarter million-dollar Venom GT was limited to three units, and all of them have already been sold to previous Hennessey customers, dang it Steven Tyler! (Just kidding)The first one will be delivered this summer.






The modifications to the Venom GT are simple and scream “ ‘Murica” with the addition of a red, white and blue stripe going down the centre of the all-white body—Hennessey sees this as a  symbol of American victory over the French Bugatti. The rest of the Venom GT has essentially unchanged inside and out, meaning the Lotus-derived supercar packs a highly-aerodynamic carbon fiber body with active aerodynamic components. It is also still powered by the same 7.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 mill making 1,244 horsepower that propels the car to 300 km/hr in just 13.63 seconds.






Hennessey has stated that it would like to attempt to set some track records next year, with eyes on the Nürburgring it will be interesting to see what Hennessey can pull off. Also in the mix is the Circuit of the Americas or Laguna Seca. “There’s always something next,” said Hennessey. While Hennessey celebrates, scroll down to take another look at the Venom GT’s top-speed run.



Source: AutoBlog

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