Google Patent May Lead to Gesture-Based Car Controls

Google Patent May Lead to Gesture-Based Car Controls

Google Patent May Lead to Gesture-Based Car ControlsGoogle wants to bring hand gesture based controls for basic functions in the car of tomorrow.

Google is known for doing some of the most unique and interesting things around. And their innovative prowess isn’t limited to the tech world. Google is known to dabble in all sorts of projects; from wearable computing devices to self driving cars to funding/supporting space travel. So what’s Google upto now? Well, as we’re slowly moving towards more and more ergonomical and lifestyle integrated technology, Google wants to make human-to-tech interaction in the car, one step further.



Image from Google’s gesture control patent.


A recent (relatively speaking) trend in the auto industry has seen the infiltration of touch screens and touch based controls replacing hard buttons, knobs and switches. However, the next step only makes sense to have no physical touch interaction at all. According to the patent filling by Google, you can use more intuitive gestures to control the basic functions of the car. Want to turn up the fan? Wave up your hand in front of the vent. Turn up the volume? Rotate an imaginary knob in front of the nav panel. And I’m sure you can imagine a host of other such gestures which would easily replace majority if not all the basic physical controls.


The technology is simple enough; using a depth camera mounted on the roof and a laser scanner, the car could detect all your hand movements. In fact this system seems much more effective than a touch screen (ever try to type on a tablet while sitting in a moving car? Yea, it’s not very easy.) However, maybe it’s best we limit the gesture controls to basic car functions and leave the steering to a more physical medium.



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