Google to Launch Open-Automotive Alliance with Major Automakers

Google to Launch Open-Automotive Alliance with Major Automakers

Google's Goal For Better InfotainmentWith a host of major automakers on board, can they do it?

From email to voice activated search inquiries, location services,  and mobile operating systems. It is with certainty that our “instant information” lifestyle is fueled by the services that Google, the search engine giant offers, whether we are conspicuously aware or not. Thus, while the company has almost unanimously dominated in the markets that they compete in, it hasn’t quite stopped the company from doing more with their search engine expertise. The latest market Google is set to enter might come as quite a surprise to some of you. Car infotainment systems. Which, in the last 5 years have increased in complexity and integration with the sole other provider in our digital lifestyle, the mobile phone.



Currently, car companies like BMW have integrated iOS Siri support in their vehicles via a dedicated Siri Eyes Free button to answer and talk to your iOS device. Google however plans to take their mobile operating system integration one step further via their newly launched Open-Automotive Alliance (OAA). The OAA will feature partnerships from GM, Honda, Audi, Hyundai and computer chipmaker Nvidia. Google aims for the alliance to use their Android mobile operating system in a “purposefully” re-imagined way to adapt to the uses of automobile infotainment systems. Their goal is to improve the infotainment experience via dedicated apps from major automakers that allow for the addition for “car modes” which change the way your phone behaves and how you interact with it when launched. Unfortunately, consumers won’t be able to see any of the partnerships in new vehicles until the end of 2014.



In a press release, Google says that they have already worked with the National Highways Safety Traffic Safety Administration to ensure that Android gets appropriately and safely adapted into the cars of the future, with only the best android services being brought over (you can count on Google Now somehow making the cut). Google is the latest tech company to step in the budding car infotainment industry and while they may be a little bit late after Apple and Microsoft have both already struck their deals with manufacturers. If past success in diverse markets indicates anything about Google, one shouldn’t count them out of the running for successful and innovative ideas despite being late to the party.


Source: TheVerge

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