Ford Releases “Consumer Trends Report” for 2014

Ford Releases “Consumer Trends Report” for 2014

Ford Releases "Consumer Trends Report" for 2014Ford has released a list of 10 things they see as the up and coming trends for consumers in the automotive industry for 2014.

Recently Ford released a list of trends and patters they expect to see among consumer of the automotive industry for the upcoming year. The list largely focuses on the changing behavioural and preferential trends and fads relating to technology, sustainability and consumer focuses. According to Ford, the top trend for 2014 will be “Innovation’s Quiet Riot”; which refers to the pace of innovation and disruption on every front, and how it’s changing the way in which we “work, play and communicate”.


ford1 A visual listing of the main consumer trends of 2014, as compiled by Ford.


Meanwhile, the remainder of the list is:

  1. Innovation’s Quiet Riot
  2. Old School
  3. Meaningful vs. the Middle Man
  4. Statusphere
  5. Vying for Validation
  6. Fear of Missing out/Joy of Missing Out
  7. Micro Moments
  8. Myth of Multitasking
  9. Female Frontier
  10. Sustainability Blues


Some of the more interesting points include; “Female Frontier” which show’s Ford’s focus on gender equality and refers the new found prominence of the female in every aspect of our world. The list also makes reference to the common internet phrase “FOMO” which mean’s Fear of Missing out; as Ford notices that consumers are not only looking to consumer more but to also cut down on consumption and enjoying the things at hand. The list also talks about the the recent growth in demand for “Old School” products and services as consumers look to fulfil their sense of nostalgia in the way things used to be, through their products and services. And a Trends list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the term “Sustainability” as Ford realizes that the focus on renewability and resource management is becoming increasingly important to the current consumer.


For full descriptions of all the points mentioned in the list, check out the source link below. Ford has also released a  more through 52 page report on the upcoming trends of 2014. It would seem, this list would be a great indicator of what we can expect Ford to be focusing more on in terms of their product development for the upcoming year.



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