Ford May Switch to BlackBerry’s QNX for Next-Gen Sync

Ford May Switch to BlackBerry’s QNX for Next-Gen Sync

BlackBerry May Be in your car! Okay, probably not, but the guys who developed BB10 may be in your next Ford

Ford’s Sync software that’s come bundled on many higher end trim levels of their cars since 2007 may see a major overhaul in the forthcoming generation of Ford’s vehicles. Ford Motor Company traditionally partnered with Microsoft for their infotainment systems (Sync) may decide to ditch the software giant and hop on over to famed UI developer QNX. Yes, that QNX, the one owned by Canadian tech giant BlackBerry (formerly Research In Motion). While Ford’s decision to switch may seem out of left field, it actually makes a lot of sense. Microsoft’s implementation of Sync has been sluggish at best and with the launch of Google’s Open Automotive Alliance, as well as Apple’s iOS integration, Ford needs to keep pace with other manufacturers. Given QNX’s previous experience with manufacturing heavy hitters such as Audi, Porsche, and BMW. In addition, Ford may be looking into QNX for their involvement in the development of BlackBerry’s latest mobile operating system. Additionally, the shift in developers might also be a cost cutting measure because of Microsoft’s comparatively large licensing fees.  On second glance then, the jump in developers might make a lot of sense for Ford and could provide some savings as well as offering a chance to create a simpler, and smoother Sync system that can keep up with what other major manufacturers will launch down the road. Like I said before, the car infotainment war is heating up and with our connected lives, the decision between one manufacturer over another may come down to what software is preloaded in each car.

Focus ST Sync

Current Generation Ford Sync in the Focus ST. Perhaps we will see a different Sync in the next model

Source: Autoblog

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