Ferrari Battling 21-year-old over Facebook Page

Ferrari Battling 21-year-old over Facebook Page

The Italian automaker has sued a 21-year-old after he and his father sued the company for taking over the official Facebook page that they managed.

Sammy Wasem, a 21-year-old is suing Ferrari because of a Facebook page that he created when he was just 15. Wasem, who is an amateur racecar driver and his father, Olivier, have filed a criminal complaint against the Italian automaker claiming copyright infringement because of lost control on the site.


In March 2009, Ferrari contacted the Wasems to say the company was taking over official administration of the page because of legal issues. The Wasems allowed Ferrari to take over and let it become the official page but they continued managing it for four years without signing a contract or being paid.


Just last year, Ferrari took away the administration rights and now Sammy and Olivier are suing the automaker for at least 10 million Swiss francs, which is roughly $11 million. The Wasems say they have put more than 5,500 hours of work into their work for the page. Ferrari is also suing the Wasems because of misuse under the company’s trademark. The automaker claims they used the page for personal messages including Sammy’s 18th birthday and for promotion of non-Ferrari merchandise.


Source: Automotive News Europe

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