Extravagance!Audi's newest lighting extravagance, sequential turn lights, still face a big challenge!

Debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year, Audi’s newest lighting creation is sequential turn signals! Audi’s idea uses 18 and 24 LEDs in the headlamps and tail lights respectively. These LEDs are subdived into segments that light up in intervals, from the inside towards the direction of the car’s turn. However, Audi has some work to do…


2014 Audi A8


The US has posed challenges in the past as well. This new lighting creation will be no different. Audi is trying hard to get these new lights approved. However, the US has long held their strict rules on cars and lighting. Although Audi couldn’t get the Matrix LED lights, could there be a future for LED sequential turn lights? After all, who wants a boring blinker when Audi can provide lights of extravagance?



Source: jalopnik.com

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