Enter The Dragon: The All New Toyota FT-1

Enter The Dragon: The All New Toyota FT-1

Building on the legendary Supra The all new Toyota FT-1 shows innovation at its finest, and the probability of another Toyota Supra.

Wow. Toyota has really hit a grand slam, sunk a game winning 3-pointer, caught a Hail Mary pass touchdown, and shot a hole in one, with this beautiful example of machinery. Toyota gave us a preview at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show,  and I simply cannot express the outcries of joy and happiness across Toyota enthusiasts. Toyota has answered finally; another super-duper Supra.


ft-1 sideft-1 top view

Mr. Toyoda would have been proud to see the progress his company has made. FT-1 is short for “Future Toyota-1″ Every beautiful angle of this car just strikes a loud message “This is the future”.

ft-1 buckle up

Buckle up is right, the interior of this “place of business” as dubbed by Toyota is just anything but, it looks and probably feels like you are stepping inside a 21st century jet. The front end looks like it was ripped right from an F1 car, and with design cues from the Lexus LF-A this Future Supra definitely means business.

ft-1 interiorft-1 front

Although a concept right now, the FT-1 will likely be available to drive soon. Even sooner for those who picked up Gran Turismo 6(GT6) for the Playstation 3, or were lucky enough to get a free copy at the auto show, courtesy of Toyota. The downloadable content for the FT-1 will likely be released tomorrow.


One thing I cannot get off my mind though is; It looks just like a TVR Sagaris from the back! Whether you agree or disagree to that affect, one thing is without a doubt: this car is drop dead gorgeous.

Ft-1 rear TVR Sagaris

Pricing for this monster has not been released yet, but we expect it to probably be around the high 5 figure or low 6 figure mark. Plus who wouldn’t pay for an exhaust so big you can fit your whole hand into.

NAIAS 2014 ft-1 engine bay

Ft-1 wheel ft-1 fist

Bottom Right Picture: Ralph Orlove

Source: Autoblog 

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