Electric Vehicles Hurting China’s Environment

Electric Vehicles Hurting China’s Environment

With a lot of companies going green China has to take a break because the material is not environmentally friendly.

More automakers are trying to go green with hybrids and electric vehicles, but China is reportedly shutting down graphite mines due to an increase in pollution from the material. The problem has been blamed for the demand of electric vehicles because of the use of the lithium-ion batteries.


More than 50 mines and processing facilities are said to have stopped in the Shandong province because of the environmental violations. According to a Bloomberg report, ‘graphite rain’ would fall from the sky and hydrochloric acid would be released into waterways without being treated.


According to research from Monash University, all-electric cars have about 110 pounds of graphite in them, whereas hybrids only have about 22 pounds. China’s decision has caused concerns because of price surges as the graphite demand is expected to jump over the next 10 years. Tesla Motors has outlines plans to build a battery ‘gigafactory’ that plans to double the global lithium-ion battery output by 2020. The factory will be central to the company’s plans for a mass-market electric vehicle with a range of around 321 kilometres.


A mine company in Australia that was shut down in the 1980’s because of the competition from China is expected to reopen this month. Other companies are reportedly planning on taking advantage of this situation as well.


Source: Leftlane

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