Crazy Jaguar XF Based SUV Spotted (Spy Photos)

Crazy Jaguar XF Based SUV Spotted (Spy Photos)

Crazy Jaguar XF Based SUV Spotted (Spy Photos)Jaguar is working on it's first ever SUV and that's exciting stuff. However, their platform dev vehicle is less than stellar.

The engineers at Jaguar have been busy working on the company’s first ever Sports Utility Vehicle. Reports suggest it will very much resemble the C-X17 Concept (seen recently at the Chinese motor show). It would seem however, that testing for the crossover platform is being done on a jacked up Jaguar XF.  We can be pretty confident that this sort of vehicle will probably never see the light of day (in terms of hitting production)… hopefully! Don’t get what I’m talking about? Take a look at the pictures below.




The not so great looking Jaguar SUV development mule.

Yea, it’s pretty bad. Mostly because, the original XF is one of the best looking designs on the road (in my humble opinion), and giving it this kinda treatment, even if for testing purposes; just seems wrong!







Fortunately, there is a silver lining. The crossover/SUV in the works (supposedly being developed on the XF platform) seems to be very well designed and we’re psyched for it’s arrival.


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