Corvette ‘Valet Mode’ Will Have Valets Thinking Twice

Corvette ‘Valet Mode’ Will Have Valets Thinking Twice

Ever suspect a Valet has taken your car for a joyride? Corvette hopes to catch them red handed with their new Valet Mode.

If you have ever seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off I can bet that you become nervous everytime you have to give your keys to a valet. In the movie, the valet driver says “relax… Im a professional” and then takes the super rare 1961 Ferrari GT California on the ride of a lifetime, including a massive jump that can only be described as Freeing Willy. General Motors is taking steps to reduce the likelihood of this ever happening to a 2015 Corvette, or at least if it does, you will be able to catch the valet red handed thanks to a new ‘valet’ mode.



staffingtalk.com_ yeIM55PfXzRgpTbHjwvLltqAFBZ



The system is best described as a baby monitor for your baby. (Read: Corvette) By taking advantage of the Corvette’s existing Performance Data Recorder to serve as a black box that will record both audio and video. The playback will show engine RPM, gear position, speed and g-force. All of this information is ready to be viewed by you inside the car as soon as the valet staff returns the keys to you. Their drive to and from the parking area can be watched directly from the infotainment systems. If the trip happens to have included a few burnouts or a 50 foot jump, the video can be downloaded to a computer and the valet will end up having some explaining to do.




corvette-valet_653 2013-03-05_Geneva_Motor_Show_7853



The mode is activated by punching in a four-digit code, which simultaneously locks the sotrage bin and glove box. The infotainment system and radio are also disabled, just incase that one valet loses control from a wicked Metallica solo and feels the need for speed. This feautre is available on all 2015 Corvette models.



As an added tip, we also recommend never trusting your keys to a valet that looks this dubious.





Source: LeftLane

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