• My First Car – A History

    My First Car – A History1

    • June 24, 2013

    We take a look back into our special firsts Here’s a quick look-see at the cars that helped us hone our skills and shaped our identities as car guys.

  • Preconceived Notions

    Preconceived Notions0

    • January 4, 2013

    How an Audi S6 changed my view on German carsI never once had a German car on my wall. I never opted to pick one in a game, and I never had a toy Porsche 911. They’ve just never ‘done it’ for me.

  • Driving – An Active Process

    Driving – An Active Process0

    • December 30, 2012

    Real drivers use three pedals. Always.I remember the thrill I felt as I lifted my left foot off the clutch and slowly pressed down on the accelerator of my 2012 Hyundai Elantra (I know. Ladies, please, control yourselves.), quickly followed by the abrupt lurch and stall of the engine and loss of confidence.


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