• 2014 Hyundai Tucson Limited

    2014 Hyundai Tucson Limited0

    • April 3, 2014

    A peppy compact SUV comes to play | Behind the wheel, the Tucson is a well-mannered cruiser with a smooth and refined ride both at highway speeds and on the city’s battle-scarred streets.

  • 2014 Mazda3 GS 6-speed

    2014 Mazda3 GS 6-speed0

    • March 29, 2014

    An excellent compact at the top of its class For a lot of gearheads, the ideal setup is a two-car garage made up of one impractical and inefficient weekend car, as well as a practical and efficient daily driver.

  • 2014 Toyota RAV4 LE

    2014 Toyota RAV4 LE0

    • March 25, 2014

    Another front-wheel-drive baby sport-ute I could definitely get on board with a Lexus-branded model based on the RAV4’s architecture – it’s just that smooth.


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