Bond’s DB10 Is the First Glimpse of New Aston Martin Design

Bond’s DB10 Is the First Glimpse of New Aston Martin Design

Aston Martin's new car is shaken, not stirred. Expect new Aston Martins to look like this car!

For gearheads, when you hear “James Bond” you automatically think of the generations of Aston Martins that have been associated with the international man of mystery. The Aston Martin DB10 will be no exception (minus the V12) in next year’s James Bond film, Spectre. Set to cast my second favourite Bond; Daniel Craig. (Sean Connery will always have the number one spot) The DB10 was revealed at a film event in London, England a few days ago, with Aston Martin only revealing a scarce amount of details.



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Aston Martin will only manufacture 10 examples of the Db10, and all 10 will be allocated for film use. It is a pity considering they will most likely find themselves being wrecked by Monsieur Bond while chasing baddies. Although this car does give us a visual preview of Aston Martin’s next generation of sports car, mechanically, the car is still based on the VH (vertical/horizontal) platform that was first used on the 2004 Aston Martin DB9.


Further, the DB10 will feature a V8, and not the glorious 6.0-liter V12 that we have all become accustomed to. It is the same 4.7-liter V8 that is featured in the Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Aston Martin states that the new gernation should be expected to debut in 2016 at the earliest, and will unfortunately start shifting their engine range away from their current V8 and v12 to newer turbocharged engines that are featured in some AMG’s. For some, this is a sad bit of news, but for others it could mean the revival of the Aston Martin branding. Aston Martin has had some troubles recently, and lost almost $40 million USD in sales for 2013. Matt Clarke, a brand spokesman for Aston Martin said that we should expect the new Aston Martins to look like the DB10. Hopefully, bringing  a new product will address some of the money troubles Aston Martin has found themselves in.


Source: Jalopnik

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