BMW’s Electric Car

BMW’s Electric Car

BMW's Electric CarKnown as "Project I," BMW has been research towards this particular car - the 2014 i3 provides speed and agility while running purely on electricity!

Alternative energy has clearly made it’s mark on the automobile industry. Of the developments made in this direction, BMW’s i3 is truly noteworthy. Started as part of “Project I,” BMW funded the research and creation of a car that was not only sustainable, but also trendy and apt for city driving. The result – the BMW i3.


2014 BMW i3 Interior

The 2014 BMW i3 is set to sell for $41,000 in the U.S. With $41,000, consumers can be certain of a few things. The chic four-door sedan is large enough to fit backseat passengers, while still being small enough to easily navigate a city. With each charge, the driver can expect about 80 miles of driving. The dashboard features up-to-date audio and GPS technology. Not to mention, safety features virtually stop the car when the accelerator is released. All in all, with safety, sustainability, agility, and technology, what more could you ask for from the future of electric cars?



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