BMW Teaches M235i to Drift Itself

BMW Teaches M235i to Drift Itself

BMW doing the Robot DriftNo, it's not a dance move! It's a self drifting car!

With the Consumer Electronics Show in full swing right now in Las Vegas, all major companies are strutting their stuff and showing off what technology can do for our lives this year. Companies like Google have been showing off their autonomous driving chops throughout 2013 with a number of milestones reached. So, for CES, BMW had to up the ante by bringing out their BMW ConnectedDrive M235i. A converted M235i that is equipped with a slew of sensors, gps systems, and motors to allow for a fully autonomous driving (for lack of a better word) “experience”. While a self driving car isn’t anything new (Audi had a TT that climbed Pikes Peak by itself, and Google’s self driving cars have traveled half a million kilometers accident free), BMW decided to step it up by making their car drift. Yup, you read that right, the BMW ConnectedDrive M235i that was brought to CES knows how to have fun as well as take itself to wherever you need to go.



While this is seriously an impressive display of how far autonomous driving technology has improved in the last few years, it certainly raises the question about the practicality of a self drifting BMW. Hooning your car has always been part of what makes driving so fun and definitely a factor in what makes auto enthusiasts enthusiasts. But when all of the fun stuff is done automatically and with such perfection, it certainly takes a lot out of the experience. While I’m fairly certain BMW performed this stunt as nothing else but an exercise of what they can accomplish with technology, it still raises the eyebrows of a few auto journalists in the blogosphere who question whether or not autonomous cars really is the wave of the future.





Source: Autoblog

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