BMW Smashed to Death

BMW Smashed to Death

BMW Smashed to Death.A frustrated individual drove his car to the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, only to smash it to death and prove his point!

While most people attend car shows to enjoy and witness new, sleek car designs, two particular individuals decided to make a very public statement. Rather than enjoying the event, these individuals successfully displayed their frustrations on a BMW.


2008 BMW M6 Smashed


Pourmohseni Hadi, the owner of a 2008 BMW M6, had previously complained about unwanted car noises. Since European lemon laws don’t provide the level of consumer protection guaranteed in America or Canada, Hadi’s plea went unanswered. So, he placed a sign on his car that essentially called BMW a traitor with inadequate laws and drove it to the entrance of the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. Frustrated with the lack of help, he strategically chose a plan of action – smashing his car. With the help of a friend, Hadi destroyed his car! Although smashing a six figure car isn’t in most people’s economic interests, this annoyed customer definitely made his point: BMW, you may have fans inside the showroom, but out here, I’m done with you.



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