BMW i8 set to Arrive in Dealers for June

BMW i8 set to Arrive in Dealers for June

The company's first plug-in hybrid sports car is set to arrive in June with an improved version since the original debut.

BMW’s new plug-in sports car will be rolling into dealers this summer, after its initial debut in Frankfurt just last year.


The arrival in June is specific to only Europe. BMW is planning on hosting promotional events for the i8 in various places around the globe. They will have representatives with demonstration vehicles so people will have a chance to see the hybrid sports car in person before it arrives to dealerships. BMW said since the debut of the i8 in Frankfurt, they have improved the car by reducing the emissions to 49 grams of C02 per kilometre as opposed to the 59 grams it had when it was revealed. The performance, however, was not affected because the car is still able to jump from 0 to about 99 kilometres per hour in just 4.4 seconds.


For BMW, the i8 is their first plug-in hybrid sports car. The powertrain has 357 horsepower from a turbocharges three-cylinder gas engine combined with an electric motor. The gas engine sends the power to the rear wheels through a six-speed automatic transmission but the electric motor powers the front wheels.


Source: Autoguide

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