BMW: i Division & M Division Do Not Mix

BMW: i Division & M Division Do Not Mix

BMW: i Division & M Division Do Not MixBMW execs state, no plans to collaborate between the iconic M division and the new i division.

Word came from BMW headquarters recently that there has been no collaboration between BMW’s iconic M racing division and its recently developed hybrid-electric vehicles’ i division. This statement relates to the recently released BMW i3 and especially the i8 hybrid sports car. BMW also added that they intend to keep these two divisions separate.


i8- dark

Inter-division collaboration at BMW to produce an M variant of the i8 to stay a fantasy


It’s a little unfortunate as the i8 hybrids sports car is already a phenomenally designed and performing vehicle. An M tweaked variant of the i8 would undoubtedly blow a lot of the competition away in that segment. BMW executive Cypselus von Frankenberg told Car Advice that he just doesn’t feel that “it’s necessary” to collaborate the i8 with the M division. He goes on to explain how the LifeDrive architecture of the car just doesn’t suit the development and concepts of the M division. If anything, he sees the M and i vehicles competing with each other in the dealerships. Head of the product development at the BMW’s M division chimed in with a similar tune saying “To me, the brands BMW M and BMW i have different identities, and different focuses within their identities”.


i8 - Main img

The already phenomenal BMW i8

I guess it’s understandable from a business point of view for BMW to be developing separate product lines with. The i division makes perfect sense as we look towards the future of automobiles and at alternatives to hydrocarbon based fuels. That all makes perfect sense, however, as petrol heads we can still dream about the monster of a machine that the hypothetical iM8 (or is it Mi8?) would be!



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